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Property Tax Appeals

Property Taxes are often overlooked because the bill only comes once or twice per year....and many times it's in your mortgage escrow.....but lowering your taxes can result in a significant annual savings AND make your home easier to sell. (See our calculator page to discover your potential savings)

We offer 3 different reasonably-priced plans to choose from:

Property Tax Appeal Plans:

1) The Do-It-Yourself Plan - We've posted the link below for your use.  We also offer a free initial consultation on your case. 

2) The Consultant Plan -
You involve us as consultants at various stages, or after your initial meeting with the City (Board of Review).  We handle your appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal and any further stages in the process.

3) The I-Have-Better-Things-To-Do-With-My-Time Plan -
We handle the entire process for you. 

Process for appeals (Link to State of Michigan website):
Property Tax Appeal Board of Review FAQ 

Key Dates for Appealing Property Taxes:  
March meeting:

There are two required meetings of the March Board of Review. They meet on the Tuesday immediately following the first Monday in March for the purpose of an organizational meeting. The Board of Review also meets on the second Monday in March for the purpose of hearing taxpayer appeals. The governing body of a Township may authorize an alternative starting date for this meeting, either the Tuesday or the Wednesday following the second Monday in March. Other dates for public hearings may be scheduled in accordance with Act 267. P.A. 1976, Open Meetings Act.

What is the purpose of each meeting?
March organizational meeting:
The Board of Review receives the assessment roll for the current year and proceeds to examine the roll. The Board of Review is not required to receive and hear taxpayers at this meeting; however, it may receive and consider written protests for assessment change.
Other Required March meeting:
The Board of Review receives written protests or appeals and allows for personal appearances by taxpayers or their agents who are protesting a property tax issue that is within the jurisdiction of the Board of Review, and shall act on each protest as provided for in Michigan Law.